About Us

Our team is unique!  We're passionate, aggressive, knowledgeable, and very technically focused.  Nowhere will you find a group of individuals in our industry who care so much about what they do!

We work with wholesalers, contractors, engineers, and manufacturers to take care of everyone's needs.  Our manufacturers take pride in having us represent their products. They treat us as their partners asking us for ideas and solutions to help grow their business.  Our wholesalers trust us and have us participate in sales calls, trainings, promotions, and strategies.  We know that wholesalers are our partners, and we don't sell outside of wholesale distribution as it doesn't make sense to bite the hand that feeds you! 


Contractors we work with know they can rely on us day and night to troubleshoot their problems and help find solutions for new projects.  The relationships we have with contractors are strong and earn new and repeat business.  


When it comes to giving presentations, engineers appreciate our knowledge, expertise, and ability to understand applications of product and how to properly use it. 


At the end of the day, what separates us from the competition is relationships, trust, and knowledge.

Ridgeline Mechanical Sales

8144 Fowler Lane

Bozeman, MT 59718

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